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How to Deal with Attendance Issues at Work

Every year, American workers miss over half a billion days in work. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates this can cost companies up to $40 billion in lost productivity and profits. Those are ugly statistics that need to be managed to ensure absenteeism doesn’t hit your company hard, especially during the winter season. So what can… Read More »

How to Improve Your Job Ad…So You Can Find the Best Fit Candidates

As a human resources consulting firm in Hartford County, Stewart Staffing knows if your job ad touts “competitive compensation” and “opportunities for growth,” then it’s going to sound like nearly every other company out there. How can you stand out among your competitors – so you can attract the best people? Here are some tips to get you… Read More »

How to Avoid Bad Employee Behavior at Your Holiday Party

Holiday parties are a time for employees to unwind and have some fun with their co-workers. But, as a human resources consulting firm in Hartford County, Stewart Staffing knows they can also be the source of some pretty bad behavior. If you want to celebrate with your staff – while keeping things under control – there are… Read More »

Not Enough “Dress” in Your Dress Code?

With spring in the air, many employees may start showing up to work in less than appropriate attire. (Think tank tops and flip flops.) But, as a Hartford County Human Resources consulting firm, we understand that creating a dress code at work can be tricky. If an employee isn’t dressed properly, it can have a… Read More »

5 Secrets to Effective Performance Reviews

As a Human Resources consulting firm in Hartford County, we know that performance reviews can be stressful for all involved. Some managers dread these evaluations and rush through them in order to complete them as quickly as possible. Other managers skip the whole evaluation process altogether and only meet with an employee when an issue… Read More »