7 Ways to Improve Your Relationships with Your Employees

As a manager, you have to stay on top of deadlines, budgets and productivity. But just as important is developing and maintaining positive relationships with your staff. When there’s good will and good energy between you and your people, it can translate into a more loyal team that wants to work harder for you. How… Read More »

Are You Making Any of These 6 Mistakes on Your LinkedIn Profile?

As one of the leading employment agencies in Hartford County, Stewart Staffing knows that when recruiters and hiring managers are searching for professionals like you on LinkedIn, they’re only giving each profile a quick scan. If you don’t quickly convey your experience and the value you offer, you can bet they’re going to click off your… Read More »

Why New Hires Fail & What to Do About It

You screened hundreds of resumes, interviewed dozens of candidates, and extended an offer to the best-fit one. A few weeks into the job, they quit. What gives and what can you do to avoid this scenario in the future? As a leading staffing services firm in Central Connecticut, Stewart Staffing is here to help. Below are some… Read More »

What Do Hiring Managers Look for on Resumes?

Your resume – and the strength of it – is vital to your job search success. And yet, hiring managers only take a few seconds to review each one they receive. You therefore want to ensure every word counts and that you’re able put your best foot forward with each one you submit to a… Read More »

4 Signs Your Resume Needs an Update

Your resume is a critical part of the job search process. Without a solid one, you’re not going to get your foot in the door with potential employers. But writing one can be a challenge for many candidates. And it’s no wonder. Unless you’re an expert, you’re not well-trained in the process. Plus, it’s hard… Read More »

What to Do When You’re Seeing Signs of Employee Burnout

When you have an employee who’s suddenly disengaged and unproductive, you’re probably thinking it’s time for a performance review. However, as one of the top staffing services firm in Central Connecticut, Stewart Recruitment knows you could actually be facing something that needs to be dealt with in a far different manner: burnout. This is especially true… Read More »

Searching for a New Job? Follow These Tips First in Your Cover Letter

In today’s technologically advanced job market, are cover letters really that important? While most job seekers hope not, the short answer is: yes. As one of Southern New England’s top employment agencies, Stewart Recruitment Group can tell you that hiring managers and recruiters still rely heavily on them during their screening process. And yet, these are… Read More »

4 Things to Look for in Your Next Great Hire

Your people can make or break your business. Smart, talented and driven employees are going to enhance your bottom line. Those who aren’t a great fit, on the other hand, will seriously impact productivity and profits. When it comes time to hire, you therefore have a lot on the line. How can you make the… Read More »

6 Easy Steps to Take Today to Boost Your Career Tomorrow

Whether you’re happy at work or looking for a new job, your career always needs care and attention. With spring just around the corner, it’s a great time to take stock of it and evaluate ways to improve and elevate your abilities. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process or a lot of work.… Read More »

What Do Job Candidates Want? 4 Things You Need to Offer When Hiring

Strong technical skills, the right-fit personality, someone who can tackle hot projects quickly and effectively. When you’re hiring, you’re often focused totally on what you need. But as New England recruiters, Stewart Recruitment knows that today’s leading candidates have their choice in terms of where they work. And they’re looking for those companies that invest effort… Read More »