Stewart Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our candidates have to say about Stewart Recruitment Group, and see what happens when we earn their trust.

Doug (Greenwald), Brian (Klinakis),

After my first week here with Trumpf, I couldn’t hold back the urge to message you two, and tell you thanks for everything you did to place me with this position and your help with securing it.

In only a short week of being here I feel more appreciated, and more important (giving me reason to want to stay) than with any company I’ve ever worked for in the past.

This process and the position has been nothing but smooth, and I can’t contain my excitement for the future.

Thank you again guys.

`Alex Berry (Field Service Engineer @Trumpf)


tell you thanks for everything you did to place me with this position

I appreciate all of the great and expeditious work on your end and I thank you for making the temporary employee process smooth and simple.  Also, since dealing with SSS was a delight, please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you all out as I will gladly provide positive feedback and/or recommendations for SSS. Thanks again

`Happy Employee`

Dealing with SSS was a delight

“Stewart Staffing has not only helped me to get employees that are qualified as to our diverse needs, they have also helped me to get a position as a temp employee and I know from that experience that they treat the staff with dignity.  Managing the preliminary interviews, the criminal back-ground checks and in the rare case of a problem, the termination of an employee makes for an all around excellent relationship.  All the Stewart Staffing employees, our contact Roy Barnum, and the office staff are responsive and helpful any time I have called.  I would highly recommend Stewart Staffing to any company large or small.”

~Judy Barratt, Property Manager

Stewart Staffing has not only helped me to get employees that are qualified as to our diverse needs

I’ve registered with many agencies, but found Stewart Staffing to be the most helpful and the most courteous. They focused on my professional strengths and my wants. They were able to find positions that suited me best and I feel they really care in this time of the economy. Thanks, Stewart Staffing!

Courteous and Helpful

Although I had registered with other agencies, Stewart Staffing Solutions always came through for me. They are like family to me.

Like Family to Me

I was relocating to Hartford, Connecticut, and called this staffing company which immediately got me in for an interview. They placed me with a temporary job within two days and I was hired permanently within two weeks. This company has to be the best in Connecticut!!! I would be unemployed today if it weren’t for Stewart Staffing and their professional staff!

Superior Staff and Immediate Results

I have been with Stewart Staffing since they started out and I have never gone wrong. All my positions were perfectly fit for my skills, never being put in a job with skills I could not meet: A big deal to me. Prior to a position, directions and all information were always made clear. Once I was on the job, I would receive a call from the agency asking if everything was alright. They are constantly on the job working on your behalf.

Perfect Fit Jobs

Being unemployed is VERY difficult, especially when you have a family. Stewart Staffing took the time to get to know me and what I was most interested in. Once they found a few positions for me, they actually asked if I was interested. I’m used to agencies telling me what positions I will be working. Once I interviewed, Stewart Staffing was quick to follow up and even asked if this position is what I wanted. Although I was excited to even have an opportunity, I felt like I had a few options and I didn’t have to settle for work. I’ve been employed with their client for some time and I’ve been promoted twice. My family is living better than ever and my recruiter even calls to see how things are going even though I’m no longer employed through him.

Excellent Service

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