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Hiring Temporary Employees? Ask These Interview Questions

If your company is like most, then you’ve increased your use of temporary employees over the past few years. But when it comes to hiring temporary help, how can you properly screen them? As a leading temporary staffing agency in Hartford, CT, Stewart Staffing knows that much like hiring permanent employees, it’s critical that you ask the right… Read More »

4 Common Hiring Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Hiring right is critical to the success of your business. And yet, as one of the leading staffing firms in Springfield, Massachusetts, we see small business owners make the same kinds of hiring mistakes again and again. While the missteps may vary somewhat, the results are the same: lowered productivity, expensive turnover and reduced morale. To ensure… Read More »

Why Your Best Talent is About to Quit

As a New England staffing management firm, Stewart Staffing knows there are a lot of reasons employees quit and move onto to other opportunities. Some involve money, while others have to do with the desire for something new. Regardless of the reason, that still leaves you with open seats to fill. And while one employee leaving… Read More »

4 Signs You Career Website Needs Work

If you build it, they will come, right? In this case, “it” is your career website and “they” are job candidates. That certainly may have been true a few years ago. But, as one of New England’s top staffing firms, Stewart Staffing knows that today’s candidates are looking for a better experience when it comes… Read More »

Why Millenials Are Failing on the Job…and What to Do If You Are One

As New England recruiters, Stewart Staffing knows millenials are educated, tech savvy, and confident. Unfortunately, what’s standing out to many managers aren’t all these great attributes – rather, it’s a lack of professionalism. In fact, according to the 2013 Professionalism in the Workplace Study conducted by the Center for Professional Excellence at York College of… Read More »

Giving Thanks for Our Clients & Candidates

“Gratitude is the heart’s memory.” – French Proverb When most people think of Thanksgiving, pigging out, watching football, hanging out with loved ones, and eating leftovers comes to mind immediately. While all of those activities are wonderful (especially the food-related ones!), sometimes that “giving thanks” part can get lost in the shuffle. So as Thanksgiving… Read More »

We are moving!

Stewart Staffing will be moving to the 6th floor of 10 Columbus Blvd. on September 27th.  Our entire staff is excited.  The new office is spacious and can accommodate some new hires for Stewart Staffing; we are hopeful that the recession is behind us and that all of our companies, new and old will increase… Read More »