Have a Burned Out Employee? Here’s How to Deal With Them

Is a team member unmotivated and disengaged due to laziness? Or are they simply burned out? If you have someone on your staff who’s typically a top contributor, but who’s suddenly at the bottom of the barrel in terms of performance, it’s likely the latter. So how can you get them back on track and engaged in their job? Here are some tips to help you:

Have a meeting.

In order to deal with burnout effectively, it’s important to understand what’s causing it. That’s where a private meeting with your employee comes in. Schedule a time when you can meet with them and discuss the issue. Make sure you’re listening as much as you’re talking.

Clarify expectations and goals.

Burnout can often happen when an employee takes on too much or they’re unclear about what they should be doing and when. It’s therefore important to define what you expect from your employee on a day-to-day basis, as well as from a bigger picture perspective. The better they understand what you want and where they fit in, the more engaged they’ll be.

Support them through training.

If an employee isn’t fulfilling their duties due to lack of training, help them improve so they can reach their potential. This not only boosts individual productivity, but morale and confidence too.

Find out what motivates them.

Each of your employees is motivated by different factors. For some, it’s financial, others want more work-life balance and still others like to know the impact their work is making and to be praised for it. Whatever the case for this employee, get to know them enough so you understand what motivates them individually.

Acknowledge and appreciate them.

Burnout can often happen when employees don’t feel recognized or appreciated. It’s therefore important to tell them that you value their contributions and show them your appreciation. Finding ways to build up your employee will go a long way in combatting their burnout.

Encourage time off.

In today’s workplace, most employees don’t take all their allotted vacation time. So if your employee is burned out and has vacation days piled up, it’s time for them to use some of them. This will help them relieve stress, as well as take their mind off work so they’re refreshed when they return.

Are employees burned out due to lack of manpower?

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