How to Keep Staff Motivated During the Lazy Days of Summer

With summer just around the corner, your employees have a lot on their minds beyond work. How can you keep them engaged and motivated during these lazier days? It takes some effort, however it is possible when you follow these tips:

Set goals.

The best way to keep your people on track is to set clear goals, milestones and expectations for them. Meet with each employee individually to talk about objectives specific to them and also conduct group meetings so your team knows what you need from them as a whole in the months ahead.

Praise progress.

Now more than ever, praising progress is vitally important. It will keep your ambitious employees motivated and set a fire under those who are less driven. It will also show your top performers that you value their contributions, improving loyalty and engagement.

How you praise is up to you. For instance, you can take a simple approach with an email or hand-written “thank you” note. Or you can get more creative and reward employees with tickets to a baseball game or outdoor concert or a gift certificate for a spa day.

Take meetings outside.

A change of scenery can help keep your employees focused and, at the same time, feeling good. So when weather cooperates, conduct your meetings outside and also encourage your staff to take walks or to have lunch outdoors. This will improve their overall well-being and sense of satisfaction at work.

Encourage time off.

According to a survey in 2018 by Glassdoor, the average American only took about 54% of their available time off in the previous year. While this might initially sound like a good thing, it can actually harm your employees – not to mention your productivity numbers – in the long run. When staff members are well rested and refreshed, they’ll work harder, contribute more, and be happier doing it. Set an example by taking your own time off.

Have fun.

During the summer months, don’t forget to have fun, too. Make sure you schedule in some down time with your staff, whether by taking them out for happy hour, hosting a company picnic, or planning an ice cream social. This will give them a chance to forge new relationships and strengthen existing ones, all while relaxing and kicking back.

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