5 Easy Networking Tips to Help You Find Your Next Job

Looking for a new job in Central Connecticut? You probably know that networking should be a part of your approach. However, that’s easier said than done if you’re not sure where to begin. On top of that, if you don’t have a lot of extra time in your day, or have a shy personality, it can feel like an uphill battle. How can you leverage the power of networking in your job search?

Here are a few simple tips from the Central Connecticut headhunters at Stewart Staffing to put to use today:

1. Network in the way that works best for you.

Perhaps you’d rather meet up with connections, new or old, in person. Or maybe online networking is easier to fit into your busy schedule. While you should always employ a mix of different online and in-person strategies, you can focus most of your networking time on the style and types of opportunities that work best for you. When you do, you’ll be more likely to invest time and effort into networking and feel more comfortable and confident when you’re doing it.

2. Tap your connections.

When you’re looking for a new job, get the word out among your network. Give them a quick overview of the types of roles you’re interested in, as well as your key strengths. Never ask outright for a job. Just let your friends, family, former colleagues and others know you’re on the market, seeking the right-fit role, and would appreciate if they’d let you know of any potential openings.

3. Find company employees.

If there are certain companies you’d like to work for, find them on LinkedIn. Then look to see if any of their employees are within your network. If they are, reach out and ask for an introduction to HR or referral for any job openings. Even if they’re not, follow the company so that you’re up to date on their latest news and open positions.

4. Be consistent.

When it comes to networking, your best approach is a consistent one. When you network regularly, a little bit each week, it suddenly becomes a part of your routine, one you’re more comfortable with and one you’ll be more successful at, as a result.

5. Offer to assist.

When it comes to networking, it’s not a one-way street. Even if you’re searching for a new job, don’t always be focused on yourself. Look for ways to help others. If you hear about a potential job you think would be a good fit for a friend, tell them about it. If you read an article that would be a helpful to a former colleague, share it with them.

Networking is a vital component of your job search. Even if you have strong skills and extensive experience, finding a new opportunity will take longer and be more challenging if you don’t put it to good use. Follow the tips above to make it a part of your efforts, so you can secure your next great job.

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