7 Ways to Improve Your Relationships with Your Employees

As a manager, you have to stay on top of deadlines, budgets and productivity. But just as important is developing and maintaining positive relationships with your staff. When there’s good will and good energy between you and your people, it can translate into a more loyal team that wants to work harder for you. How do you get started, though? Stewart Staffing, one of New England’s leading staffing agencies, explains:

#1: Be a leader.

It can sometimes feel awkward or uncomfortable to give orders. However, employees expect this and respond best to a confident leader; that means someone who defines goals and gives directions in a clear way.

#2: Be open.

The more you communicate with your people, the more comfortable they’ll be coming to you with concerns, issues and ideas. So don’t keep your office door closed or communicate once a month through staff meetings only. Instead, it’s important to regularly touch base as a group, as well as individually.

#3: Be appreciative.

Make your employees feel special and valued. When you do, they’ll be more engaged and your other staff members will be more motivated to work harder. When you do offer praise, just make sure it’s in a specific and authentic manner. Don’t deliver empty words for the sake of it.

#4: Be willing to give regular feedback.

On the other hand, it’s also important to provide constructive feedback, as well, so your staff members always know where they stand. Not only will they be able to correct course if needed, but this is an excellent opportunity to help them develop and grow professionally.

#5: Be an example.

If you want employees to dress a certain way or to show up on time for meetings, then you need to do the same. You can’t have one set of rules for yourself and another for your staff. It’s up to you to lead by example. When you do, your people will respect you more.

#6: Be friendly.

Sometimes, as the boss, you might feel like you can’t be friendly with your employees. But there’s a difference between friendliness and being friends. Never cross the line, get too personal or overshare. However, you can go out with the team for happy hour to forge closer ties and strive to develop positive relationships with each person on your staff.

#7: Be trustworthy.

At the end of the day, employees want a boss they know they can trust. Even if you have to deliver bad news or give negative feedback, when employees know it’s coming from a person of integrity that they can rely on, they’ll be far more open and flexible. So always follow through, doing what you say you will, and work hard to build loyalty among your staff. When you do, you’ll reap the rewards in the form of stronger relationships with your people, ones that help you all learn, grow and understand together.

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