Are You Making Any of These 6 Mistakes on Your LinkedIn Profile?

As one of the leading employment agencies in Hartford County, Stewart Staffing knows that when recruiters and hiring managers are searching for professionals like you on LinkedIn, they’re only giving each profile a quick scan. If you don’t quickly convey your experience and the value you offer, you can bet they’re going to click off your profile page and onto someone else’s. To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, make sure you’re avoiding these 6 common LinkedIn mistakes:

Mistake #1: No photo.

When you don’t post a photo to your LinkedIn profile, it ends up looking phony or spammy. Hiring managers are not only less likely to consider you, but you’ll get fewer profile views too. In fact, according to LinkedIn data, those with a photo get 21 times more views than those without. So post a photo and make sure it’s professional.

Mistake #2: A poorly written headline.

After your photo, the headline is the next thing potential employers will see on your profile page. Make sure yours is as clear, concise and as effective as possible. You can use your current job title, but that won’t deliver the best results. Instead, delve deeper into what you do and what you’re seeking. For instance, rather than saying you’re an “Administrative Assistant,” state something like “Experienced Office Manager & Administrative Assistant Seeking a New Career Challenge.”

Mistake #3: Inconsistencies.

When your resume says one thing and your LinkedIn profile another, it’s not only confusing for employers, but also a red flag too. That’s why, if you’re searching for a job, it’s important to create an effective resume and then update your LinkedIn profile, so it reflects those same changes.

Mistake #4: Incomplete profile.

If you finished off your employment history, but didn’t fill in the Skills or get Recommendations, it’s going to reflect poorly on you. Not only does an incomplete profile take away from your credibility, but you’re losing out on a valuable opportunity to market your skills and promote yourself on the site. It’s therefore important to take the time to carefully fill in all the sections with detailed information.

Mistake #5: Vague language.

Your resume is straightforward in terms of the language you use. However, on your LinkedIn profile, you can and should be showing some more personality. Get rid of the formal, corporate speak and instead tell a story about who you are as a professional, what you’re passionate about in terms of your career, and why you’re a qualified expert in your field.

Mistake #6: Weak recommendations.

Sure, you might have a bunch of recommendations. But if they’re from your friends and family, or are generic, then they’re not going to do much to persuade prospective employers to call you. Instead, recommendations should be specific; for instance, discussing a particular project you worked on with a colleague or going into detail about a few of your key strengths.

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