4 Easy Steps to Getting Your Next New Hire Off to a Great Start

The first days and weeks on the job set the tone for a new hire’s time at your company. Make sure you’re getting it right. Otherwise, they could grow frustrated and disengaged from the start, moving onto greener pastures in just a short time.

To make the most of this important period – and ensure the relationship is a positive one from the beginning – consider taking these four steps:

Step #1: Welcome them.

When your new hire arrives, there should be someone to greet them, take them to their work station (which should be set up), and answer questions. They’re nervously anticipating their first day, so you want them to feel completely welcomed and confident in their decision to accept your offer.

Step #2: Train them.

New hires, even the most experienced, need training. It’s up to you to decide how much and how to structure it. However, it’s important that they get a handle on company policies, procedures and culture, as well as receive any job-specific training, such as with computer software. While you want to get them up and running quickly, it’s also vital you don’t skip out on this part of the onboarding process.

Step #3: Introduce them.

Once settled, take them around and introduce them. Be sure to explain to your existing employees the role your new hire will play. Consider hosting a lunch or social event, whether on- or off-site, with their new team members. This will not only help to break the ice, but also give you a chance to expedite introductions.

Step #4: Guide them.

Be sure to cover the basics with your new hire. Who should they report to if there’s a problem or concern? What are their performance goals for the next six months? What kind of an impact do you see them to making in their department and at the company overall? This should be an informal conversation to make sure you’re both on the same page from the start.

When it comes to hiring, don’t sabotage all that hard work you spent recruiting and vetting, only to let a new employees flounder. Instead, follow the steps above and get them off to the best start possible.

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