What to Look Out for in Your Next Employer’s Company Culture

During your job search, you’re looking for opportunities that are a match for your skills and experience. But are also assessing each company’s culture and how you’d fit in?

As leading Connecticut recruiters, Stewart Recruitment Group knows if you’re not, you could wind up with an offer that isn’t the right match for you. You might be able to perform the job successfully. But if the environment, pace, mission, or some other aspect of how the organization operates doesn’t align with you, your job satisfaction will suffer.

Instead, during your job search, make sure you take the following steps to thoroughly assess a company’s culture:

Research them online.

Invest the time to conduct your due diligence online. Read reviews (although you should be wary of disgruntled employees), go through their website, and seek out any industry articles related to them. You’ll not only get a better sense of what it’s like to work there, but this information will help you to prepare for an interview if you get a call.

Talk to people you know who work there.

If you already have a connection inside the company, reach out to them. Ask about the environment, management style and work life balance. An existing employee might be hesitant to bring up anything too negative. However, you should be able to gain more insight into the ins and outs of daily life.

Evaluate the hiring process.

For instance, how have you been treated? Are the details you’re finding out about the job consistent with the posting? Is the hiring manager well-prepared during interviews? Do your interviews keep getting rescheduled? Be honest about experience throughout the process, since it can often be a good indicator of what it would be like if you accepted the job.

Ask questions about culture.

During your interview, it’s important to go beyond questions related to tasks and duties and ask specifically about culture. Remember, an interview is a two-way street, so the hiring manager will expect you to make these kinds of inquiries. Some to consider include:

  • Can you describe what the culture is like here?
  • What do you like most about it? Least?
  • Would you say it’s more casual or formal?
  • What kinds of personalities succeed on the job here?
  • What’s the leadership style like?

Assess your surroundings.

When you’re on-site at the interview, take stock of the environment and those around you. Does it seem like a pleasant place? Do employees look happy and busy? What’s the waiting room like? Shoddy or sophisticated? How did the receptionist treat you? These are the kinds of details that will impact your work day. So it’s important to take them into account before accepting an offer.

Need more help finding a job and culture that works for you?

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