5 Steps to Retaining Happier Employees in 2019

You put a lot of time and effort into hiring the best employees. What are you doing to retain them? If it’s not a lot, then it’s time to take action and make a change.

Your company is only as successful as the people who work there, making retention strategies key for 2019. Here are some steps from Stewart Recruitment Group – one of the top direct hire companies in Hartford, Connecticut – you can implement today to help:

Step #1: Set goals, give rewards.

Clear expectations and goals are one of the best ways to keep employees productive and motivated in the year ahead. Everyone should know what they’re responsible for individually, as well as part of the team. When they meet certain milestones, make sure you reward them too. Celebrating their successes shows them they’re appreciated and drives them to continue to deliver.

Step #2: Create career pathways.

Don’t just offer jobs, create career pathways for your people. This includes by offering support for development, as well as training and mentoring opportunities. Make sure employees know all that’s available to them. In addition, having an internal promotion policy sets that tone that your company invests in its people, improving retention efforts in the process.

Step #3: Encourage and elevate.

When it comes to motivating people, money isn’t everything. In fact, when you provide encouragement and aim to elevate your people when they do good work, you’ll go a long way in keeping them as part of the team. A portion of this process should include getting to know them on a personal level. When you do, you’ll better understand how to inspire them to reach their potential.

Step #4: Create synergy.

The synergy of your team is vitally important to each individual player’s happiness, as well as the overall success of your department. But with so many personalities, this can be difficult to get right. However, when you create a culture of respect, open communication, and placing value on developing positive relationships, you’ll set the foundation for a strong, collaborative team.

Step #5: Make balance a priority.

In work and in life, your people want balance. That’s why so many companies today offer opportunities for flexible scheduling and telecommuting. If that’s not an option for you, then just make sure your people don’t feel stressed and burned out all the time. For instance, encourage them to take breaks and vacations, as well as fully unplug from work on nights and weekends.

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