5 Simple Steps to a Great Performance Review

Nobody likes end-of-year performance reviews. But if yours is coming up, there are steps you should be taking to make the most of it. And it’s really in your best interest. While the process of getting feedback from your boss might be uncomfortable, it can help you learn more about your strengths and weaknesses, gain insight into how you’re meeting expectations, and become a stronger contributor overall.

To help you get there, here are 5 steps from Stewart Staffing, one of Springfield, Massachusetts’s top employment agencies, to a great performance review:

#1: Assess yourself.

Think about your performance over the past year. Where have you gone the extra mile and done well? In what areas have you fallen short? You can expect your boss to bring these up, so it’s best to be honest with yourself ahead of time and evaluate how well you’re performing.

#2: Gather documents.

Over the past year, you should be keeping notes and records of any career highlights, positive customer feedback and other recognition. Your boss is busy and might not even remember or know about these. It’s up to you to communicate them during your review, so they have a full picture of the contributions you’re making and the value you’re offering.

#3: Come up with questions.

You likely have your own questions, concerns and feedback. Make a list of all the areas you’d like to discuss with your boss. If, for instance, you’re interested in a promotion, ask about specific steps you need to take to earn one. If you feel a lack of support or training, now’s the time to talk about that issue, too. While it’s a bit uncomfortable, it’s important for you and your boss to keep communication open, so they fully understand your perspective.

#4: Make sure compensation is competitive.

If you’ve been on the job for a while, do some legwork and ensure what you’re being paid is still fair in terms of your performance and experience level. If you haven’t received a bump in salary in a while, you have to be able to back up your claims with numbers if you want to persuade your boss as to why you deserve it.

#5: Prepare for an open conversation.

Nobody likes their performance analyzed. However, commit to keeping an open mind and not getting defensive. Hear your employer out and be ready to talk about all aspects of your performance, good and bad. When you are, you can ensure your career is on the best track possible going forward.

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