7 Easy Ways to Improve Employee Recognition During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But, as one of Hartford’s top staffing firms, we know it can also be the most stressful, making employee recognition more important than ever. You want your employees to feel valued, appreciated and happy to come to work every day. However, it’s particularly crucial during the end-of-year crunch when they’re feeling the burn from family, personal and work obligations.

To help you incorporate more recognition into your daily life at work, here are 7 simple ways to get started:

#1: Say thanks.

This is the easiest, the cheapest and takes the least amount of effort. Even better, it’s the most effective, too. So when an employee does something great, say “thank you” and make sure you do it in a timely manner. Also, get as specific as possible by explaining the impact their hard work had.

#2: Create a brag board in a community spot.

Whether it’s the office lunch room, break room or by the water cooler, set up a brag board where employees can pin their notes of appreciation for their fellow staff members. Recognition can be something as small as thanking a co-worker for covering the phones or for instances when people went above and beyond.

#3: Speak up at staffing meetings.

Before you begin a staff meeting or right when you’re ending, recognize someone on the team for a job well done. Talk about the contributions they made and the impact they had.

#4: Designate a wall of fame.

Create a wall in your office specifically for employees who have met certain milestones. It can be the biggest sales in a month, the best attendance, the longest tenure, or whatever other achievement you want to recognize. Simply take their headshot and post it to the wall with a note explaining their work.

#5: Introduce them to company leaders.

If you have a rising star in your company, don’t simply thank them for their efforts. Also make sure you’re helping them expand their network and raise their visibility within the organization. Introduce them around to company leadership and help them to forge connections with those who can act as guides and mentors.

#6: Highlight it online or in the company newsletter.

Whether you post company news and events on your website, in a newsletter, or on social media, make sure a part of that process includes promoting employee achievements.

#7: Offer monetary rewards.

Finally, for those instances where an employee truly makes a big mark, consider a financial reward, like a bonus or gift card. If you don’t have the budget for those, you can offer perks like an extra day off or more time to work from home.

Whatever ideas you do adapt, it’s important to show employees you care and recognize all their hard work, especially during the holidays when they’re stressed and stretched thin. When you do, you’ll build a better team with stronger engagement.

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