Short-Term Jobs: Keep Them or Toss Them from Your Resume?

You might have accepted a job in Central Connecticut and realized it wasn’t for you. Or perhaps, after only a few weeks of working somewhere, the company went out of business. Whatever the case, you have a short-term job and aren’t sure whether to keep it on your resume or go ahead and toss it out. Here are questions to ask yourself to help you make the right decision.

How short was the job?

If you were on the job for anywhere from a few days to a few months, then you’re better off not including the position on your resume. However, if it was closer to a year or longer, then include it. It’s better to have a position that you can list and talk about than a big gap that will leave hiring managers scratching their heads and wondering.

What does the job posting ask?

If the posting specifically asks for you to list every position you’ve held, then go ahead and list it. In your cover letter or during your interview, you can explain the reason for your short stint on the job. However, if you don’t include it, it’s often easy enough for hiring managers to find out and inquire about it.

Is this part of a pattern?

If you have several short-term jobs in your background and are afraid to list them, you have good reason to be. Hiring managers will certainly be wary about whether you’re a job hopper and will assume you can’t stay anywhere for too long. If you have two or three short positions in a single year, aim to list the longest one.

Were the positions temporary?

However, if your short-term jobs were due to contract or temporary positions, then you should be listing them all. You can label a portion of your resume “Contract Work History” or “Temporary Work History” so it’s clear to hiring managers that these are short-term positions you’re talking about.

Whatever you do decide with your short-term jobs, don’t ever lie or fudge the dates. If you extend out employment dates to make your tenure look longer at a particular company, a hiring manager can easily verify that with a phone call to them.

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