5 Quick Tips for Getting More Candidate Referrals

You need to hire. So you hit the ground running, posting jobs, reaching out to your network and getting active on the social media sites. However, the easiest and often most effective way to hire isn’t necessarily from these sources, but rather referrals from your existing team. Not only is this option less expensive, but it often enables you to find the people you need faster. What’s not to love?

To help you make the most of this important source of new hires, here are some tips from our New England recruiters to increase the number of referrals you get:

Talk about referrals from the start.

Referrals should be a part of your culture. That means, when you hire new people, let them know that you often look to your existing staff for referrals and how to refer people they might know. When you do have a specific hiring need, be sure to reach out to your team immediately. Describe the opening, what it entails, the kind of candidate you’re looking for.

Get everyone involved.

Referrals shouldn’t just be coming from mid-level staff. There should be an effort made by everyone, from entry- to executive-level. This should be a team-wide initiative and all players must see it as such.

Make it easy to offer referrals.

When it comes to how employees should provide you with referrals, use a consistent process that’s easy to remember. For instance, you might simply have them email the HR director with a referral. Or you might want to create an online form in your internal employee portal system. Whatever the case, just keep it simple and straightforward so employees can easily understand and use it.

Acknowledge those who have successfully referred employees.

Don’t let their contributions go unnoticed; instead, make sure people are recognized for a successful referral. Highlight it in the company newsletter, on the blog, or at your next company-wide meeting. When people are thanked for their efforts, not only will they continue, but others will be more likely to follow suit.

Reward referrals.

Beyond recognizing referrals, another way to garner more is to reward them through some type of financial incentive. For instance, you might offer a bonus to an employee who refers a new hire after they’ve been on the job for at least three months. You can also offer different rewards incentives for the level of position you’re looking to fill; for instance, a higher reward for hard-to-fill roles. Beyond cash, there are also plenty of other incentives you can offer, from extra vacation time to more days to work from home.

Need more help finding great people for your team?

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