Getting Spooked About Candidates Applying to Your Company?

It’s the time of year for Halloween, pumpkins and fall foliage. However, despite the season, if you’re in the midst of the hiring process, the last thing you want is scary candidates. What can you do to ensure those who apply to your company are top-quality and hard-working? Partner with a staffing company in New England. Here’s how one can help you get better candidates and a better ROI.


Recruiters at staffing companies in New England are busy building connections and relationships with passive and active candidates every day. As a result, whether you need a full-time hire or a team of temporaries, they’ll have fast access to a full network of people ready to go to work.


When it comes to screening and interviewing, recruiters at staffing companies follow industry best practices and often have their own specific steps in place that help them evaluate candidates. As a result, you can rest assured that the candidates they send your way will not only have the skills and work ethic you need, but will also be fully vetted.


Hiring is difficult not only in terms of sourcing and screening candidates, but also because you’re trying to determine what salary to offer and what perks top candidates want. That’s where a staffing company can help. They can advise you and your team on fair market value in terms of salary, hiring trends, the benefits candidates expect, and any other important ways you can make your job opportunities more attractive to the best workers.


When it comes to the hiring process, you need to move quickly in order to recruit and retain top talent. Otherwise, your competition will get a leg up on the candidates you need. That can be tough to do with your busy schedule. But when you work with a staffing company, they can streamline the process for you, reaching out to candidates, setting up interviews, and quickly performing screenings.

Interested in learning more about how a New England staffing company can benefit your organization?

Call the experts at Stewart Staffing. Since 2002, our staffing company has been helping New England area employers solve their toughest staffing challenges, find talent, make better hiring decisions, and become more profitable. And we can help you too. Contact us today to learn more about how.

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