6 Reasons to Work with an Employment Agency

If you’ve never worked with an employment agency in Central Connecticut before, you might not know what to expect from the process. But partnering up with one can actually have a big impact on your job search and your career. Here’s how:

You can get one-on-one help.

When you work with an employment agency, you’ll get one-on-one help from a recruiter who can learn about your background, needs and career goals. They’ll gain solid insight into the types of opportunities you’re looking for and can therefore better match you with positions that are a great fit.

You can access jobs in Central Connecticut not always advertised.

When it comes to working with an employment agency, they partner with employers of all shapes and size; some that promote their jobs publicly and others that don’t. You’ll therefore have access to all these positions, which means opportunities you might not otherwise know about.

You’ll get an advocate during your search.

The recruiter works for the hiring company, since that’s who’s paying them. However, they want to see the best match possible for their client, which means that if you’re a good fit, they’re going to do what it takes to get your resume in front of the hiring company. They’ll also help you through the interview process to ensure you’re able to put your best foot forward.

You’ll get professional perspective and advice.

If you’re trying to break into an industry that’s notoriously hard to get into or are asking far too much when it comes to salary, a recruiter will tell you. They know the local job market, what employers look for, and what to expect in terms of compensation. You can leverage all this knowledge so that you have a realistic perspective in terms of your job search and know what potential employer in the area are willing to offer.

You can get hired faster.

Generally, with help from an employment agency in Central Connecticut, you can get hired faster. It’s simply due to the fact that so many companies use these agencies for help during the hiring process. As a result, you’ll be able to learn about a variety of positions that are a good fit for you. Not only that, but recruiters are trying to fill these positions in a timely manner for their clients, so you can expect a more seamless experience.

You won’t be in the dark.

One of the most frustrating aspects of a job search is not hearing back from a potential employer. However, when you work with a recruiter, you can expect them to keep you in the loop every step of the way. As a result, you won’t have to worry and wonder about an opportunity. You’ll know right away whether you’re in the running or if you should move on.

Interested in learning more about how an employment agency can help you?

Call the experts at Stewart Staffing. As an employment agency in Central Connecticut, we work with top companies throughout the region and can help you find the organization that best matches your skills and interests. Contact us today to learn more or get started.

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