Should You Apply for a Job You’re Not a 100% Match for?

When it comes to finding a great new opportunity, it can be tough to know which Hartford jobs you’re truly qualified for. After all, most have a laundry list of needs and qualifications and it can be hard to meet them all. And if you don’t, should you even bother applying?

The short answer is: yes.

As long as your skills and experience are in the ballpark – as in you meet around 75% or more of the requirements – you should apply for the position. That long listing of responsibilities and skills that employers advertise are often nice-to-have’s, but they’re also not deal breakers if you don’t have them all. For instance, if you check seven or eight of the 10 boxes listed in their job posting, chances are, you’re a good match.

In addition, in many cases, employers want those people who are easy to train, flexible, and have a strong work ethic and a good attitude. So if you have all these traits and abilities, plus you meet most of the qualifications in the job posting – just not 100% of them – it’s likely you’ll be able to learn whatever it is you don’t know and perform successfully in the job.

Keep in mind, too, no candidate fits a job perfectly. Employers have a lot of demands and needs when it comes to hiring. Job postings reflect that, oftentimes serving as a wish list of skills and qualifications. But most understand that even top candidates aren’t going to have the exact experience outlined in the posting. There will be many cases where a company hires a high-potential candidate and then trains them in whatever technical abilities they’re lacking.

On the flip side too, even if you have the right skills and experience, that doesn’t mean you’re definitely going to get hired. Many employers evaluate cultural fit, which means they’ll be assessing your attitude and personality during the hiring and interview process to make sure both are match for their company’s team.

If, however, you don’t meet any or many of their qualifications, then you probably don’t have the right skills and experience. The good news is that the job posting is something to work toward. You can start asking yourself what skills and abilities you need to acquire and develop in order to secure that kind of position in the future.

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