5 Tips for Recruiting Using LinkedIn

When it comes to LinkedIn, it offers HR and hiring managers a valuable tool for recruiting…but only if you use it effectively. One important part of that comes down to how you communicate with candidates. When you take the right approach, it can be the start of a valuable relationship. The wrong approach, however, can turn off high-potential candidates.

To help ensure you make the most of your time on LinkedIn, here are a few tips to consider:

Do your homework.

Before you reach out to a candidate, do your homework on them. Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to connect with them in the most effective manner. For instance, read through their LinkedIn bio thoroughly. Check out the groups they belong to. And carefully assess their strengths and endorsements so you have a clear understanding of their background.

Don’t use a template.

When it comes to communicating with candidates, personalize your message to each one. Though it might save you time to use a generic template, it won’t resonate with high-quality candidates. Instead, craft a message that revolves around any commonalities you have with them, along with their strengths, education and experience. Demonstrate that they’re not just another candidate; but that there’s a reason you reached out to them.

Keep it short.

Don’t write a 500-word email that goes into every detail about your hiring needs. Remember, you’re simply trying to start a conversation here. And you can do that in about 150 to 200 words. Anything more than that won’t appeal to top candidates.

Be friendly.

Whatever message you send should be warm and welcoming. Keep the jargon and legalese out of it. Instead, you should be focusing your message on what you see in the candidate and the reasons they would want to consider working for you. As you’re doing that, it’s important to come across as human and authentic, not a robot.

Get specific.

Don’t simply tell a candidate that you’re impressed with their background or think they’d be a good fit for your company. Get specific. Go into detail about what impressed you about their background and what strengths, experiences and credentials they have that would be a good fit for your job opening and the company culture.

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