How to Assess an Offer Letter

When it comes to getting a job offer, you might want to celebrate immediately. But before you jump for joy, it’s vitally important that you consider the parameters of the offer first. You want to ensure the details in your offer letter align with your expectations, as well as what you were told during the hiring process.

As one of Hartford’s leading employment agencies, Stewart Staffing can help. To ensure you’re not blindsided once you accept the offer, here are a few areas to assess:

Start date.

Make sure the start date is in your offer letter so you arrive on the correct day. Not only that, but this will be important to take into account when it comes to benefits like medical insurance, vacation time and if there’s a probationary period for your employment. That way, you’ll know when to plan your next doctor’s appointment, or when you’ll have enough time under your belt to schedule a vacation.


Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure the job responsibilities and title outlined in the letter match up with your expectations. You don’t want to start, only to have the position be completely different from what you were told. If that does happen, you’ll have in writing what you were promised in terms of your role and the associated responsibilities.


Is the salary listed in the job offer letter what you agreed to? Does it include any bonuses, commissions or raises you were promised? Make sure when it comes to money, everything is spelled out in writing in the offer letter.


Beyond salary, it’s also important to ensure the benefits that are included in your offer letter match up with what you’ve been promised. Take into consideration the details about health and dental insurance, pension and retirement, stock options and any other benefits, such as parental leave and vacation time. Think too about any out-of-pocket costs, such as premiums and co-pays and how those will impact your budget each month.


In addition to benefits, you’ll want to ensure all other perks are also detailed in your offer letter. These include any telecommuting or flex schedule benefits you might have, or a cell phone or car the company will be paying for.

If everything adds up and makes sense, then congratulations; you have a new job. If, however, there are areas where you still have questions, don’t be afraid to ask the potential employer. Once you sign the offer letter, you’ve agreed to their parameters. So it’s important you fully understand and are comfortable with them before you accept the position.

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