Waiting for a Job Offer? Here’s How to Deal

Think you’re going to get an offer?As one of the leading employment agencies in Hartford County, Stewart Staffing knows waiting can often be painful. You expect to hear back quickly, but then days later, you’ve still gotten no response. Instead of sitting idly by, it’s important to stay busy and follow the tips below, so you can manage through the job search waiting game with ease:

Keep up your search.

Even if you got a verbal offer and are waiting for a written one, keep up your job search. You never know what can happen at the last minute and it’s important to continue seeking out opportunities until you have a formal offer and have decided to accept it. Otherwise, you could miss out on a great new job, all while you’re waiting for an offer that never ends up coming.

Keep your cool.

If you’re currently unemployed, it’s easy to get caught up in checking your email or phone every few minutes for a response. However, this is only going to add to your stress level. Instead, only check your email a few times each day, rather than constantly throughout it. Also, stay busy with other aspects of your job search, as well as activities like volunteering, or with temporary or consulting work.

Keep it professional if you follow up.

When it comes to following up, you have to take a strategic approach. If the hiring manager said they’d get back to you Thursday afternoon and it’s now Friday morning, don’t shoot off an aggressive email asking for a status update. This will only make you sound pushy, desperate or overly eager. If however, a week has come and gone, then go ahead and send off a polite email inquiring about the position and when a decision will be made.

Keep bridges in tact.

Even if you thought you were a definite fit for the job, sometimes last-minute issues can get in the way of an offer. If you get rejected, handle the situation with grace. Don’t get angry or upset with the hiring manager. You never know when a potential opportunity could come up with the same company in the future. You don’t want to burn any bridges, as a result.

Need more help finding jobs and getting offers?

Connect with the experts at Stewart Staffing. As one of the leading employment agencies in Hartford County, we can give you access to opportunities that aren’t always advertised, not to mention offer you help with your resume and interview skills, as well as advice for standing out to employers. Give us a call today to learn more.

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