5 Tips for Acing Your Seasonal Job Interview

The holiday shopping season is a $658 billion a year industry. Beyond retail, there are plenty of other industries that have seasonal hiring needs, as well. That means if you’re looking for temporary jobs in the Hartford area, now’s the time to start your search if you haven’t already. And if you’re far enough along where you have scheduled interviews coming up, here are 5 tips for acing them:

Be prepared.

A seasonal job interview is still a job interview. That means it’s important to be prepared. Research the company and the position as much as you can ahead of time. That way, you can talk more intelligently about the contributions you can make if hired.

Another way you can prepare is by practicing your answers to common interview questions. For instance, most hiring managers will ask about your customer service experience and ability to multi-task. So be prepared to talk about these areas during your interview.

Be professional.

Hiring managers are evaluating everything you do at a job interview – and that goes beyond what you say. That’s why it’s important to show up on time, or even a few minutes early. Also, dress professionally in attire that’s appropriate for the industry. Likewise, be respectful to everyone you meet, from the receptionist to the parking attendant. Remember, many seasonal jobs in Hartford can often lead to full-time employment.

Don’t talk about employee discounts.

If you’re interested in employee discounts, don’t let the hiring manager know. In fact, don’t ask or talk about perks at all during the interview process. Keep the conversation focused instead on the job opportunity and your skills and abilities.

Focus on flexibility.

Seventy percent of hiring managers reported that inflexibility was their biggest turnoff, according to a Career Builders survey. That’s because hiring managers need workers who can show up during the day, on weekends and in the evenings, or even overnight during a night shift. So the more flexibility you have in your schedule, the better your chances of getting hired.

Showcase your enthusiasm.

When it comes to dealing with irate customers and frustrated co-workers, hiring managers need people who can stay positive and helpful through it all. What they don’t need is people with a bad attitude or zero energy. So during your interview, showcase your enthusiasm and positive attitude.

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